Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Thinking about my health...

I'm going to lose weight & get fit.

There. I said it. Its out in the open. Even if noone I know is reading this, I feel good about making my intentions public!

Its high time I respect the body that I've been given and stop feeding junk to it. Although my tongue loves the junk, I'm sure my poor stomach is crying out loud for help! And so, I've decided to get rid of all the junk in my closet. (Yes, I hide junk food in my closet & eat at night after everyone's asleep! And yes, I'm creepy that way.)

I know getting that hot bod is way easier that we all think. Its simple. get rid of refined food, eat wholesome food & workout at least 3 times a week. Simple? Yea pretty much. Its just that the mind and a little something called 'laziness' creeps in and flops all my plans! In fact, I'm a trained classical dancer who just hasn't danced in over a year. SO I do have all that muscle memory from 18 years of dancing and once I start, its going to be easy. The problem is  to START! Why won't I move my ass!!! :P

Well, I am going to. I have been seriously thinking about how crazy I have been to let go of myself in this past 2 years.. I had a good body. Good health. And then I got so busy with exams that I stopped playing, dancing or going out... which then led to me taking food for granted.. which, now 2 years later has resulted in me gaining 40lbs! :( Yes, the gain has been astronomical. But I also know that the journey to lose those pounds will be easy and quick too. Thanks to my metabolic system! ;)

Starting 15th March, I'm doing a 45 day detox and then regularizing my lifestyle to include more healthy options! Stay tuned for the next few posts where I talk about what I'm planning to do in the detox period!

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