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Straight Baal Lock Karo. Rock Karo!! - And I did Rock my hair - thanks to Sunsilk! :D

When your hair shines, so does your personality! - said the Sunsilk Hair Experts.

If only it were so easy - thought I. 

It took me years to love my hair the way it is. Pampering myself with shampoos & conditioners that suited my hair type, I learned to fall in love with my hair - no matter how frizzy or bushy or out of shape it got. I especially love that wet and wild look when I'm out of the shower and the hair is drying up ... yet not so dry for my usual bushiness to start showing up. That straight, shiny look.... Sigh! I would kill to have that look all day!

Tale of my mane...
I've spent so many hours on the internet trying to find fixes for my frizzy bushy Hermione Granger - like hair! Even thought I love the thickness, the dryness is something that totally kills any look I try. Oh, how I've envied those who have straight silky hair without even trying! I tried a bunch of different products... I tried eating healthy... I tried drinking gallons of water... and the effect - NADA! Still the same bushy old hair.

Turns out, the awesome guys at Sunsilk along with Miz Yuko Yamashita have created a new product called "Sunsilk Perfect Straight" - a combo of shampoo & conditioner - if used together, promises to reduce the frizz and give you that envious straight, silky hair! Yep - straight hair from just a shampoo & conditioner! No need of an iron!
Being hooked to TV, I've come across their AD soooo many times... the "Goa mein Salon khol rahi ho kya??....Straight Baal Lock Karo! Rock Karo!" dialogue had made such a lasting impact on my brain that the next time I went to the store to get my usual shampoo, I decided to try this much hyped product after all. (P.S: I received the IndiBlogger package quite late & I couldn't wait to try this out!) I mean, how can I possibly get straight hair from a shampoo, right? I wasn't a skeptic, but the claims were outrageous. But not only did they live up to their claims, they did better - they made me feel like a pretty woman for the first time without the use of any hair gel/spray/accessories! Well, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start by the product itself. 

The design, cost & ingredients...
It comes in pretty Purple bottles. - Point 10! I love purple. And the bottles are elegantly designed to get the most out of them! The shampoo itself is pearly pink in color (♥) and comes with a flip open cap. It has a wonderful fruity smell to it. It lathers well and gives a good clean. It removes easily too, leaving no soapy residues.

Have a look at the ingredients of this shampoo-
The bottle costs around Rs. 110/- for a 180 ml bottle shampoo & Rs. 64 for a 90 ml bottle. Pretty decent, according to market standards, if you ask me.

The conditioner is a white paste with the same sweet smell and very easy to use. Like the shampoo, it washes off easily. As I applied the conditioner through my hair, I could notice the hair getting softer & softer.. and I kept peeping into the mirror to see if I had sexy straight hair yet.. :D hehhe.. well, not yet. Couldn't tell much with a wet, gooey head. But I did notice the shininess.

Here are the ingredients of the conditioner -

The after effects...
Ten minutes out if shower, I could notice my hair drying up as usual. However, I looked into the mirror and - WOW! I could not find the customary frizziness starting to come out! Usually, as my hair dries, all my baby hairs start to stand up and it gives a totally dull look. But honestly, after using this product, I could see soft & shiny waves! This has never happened before despite using large amounts of conditioner! I loved how shiny & distinct those waves were!
And then about 30-45 minutes later, the waves gave way to a MUCH straighter hair! Definitely not as straight as a straightening iron would give you. But I'm not complaining! My hair got a lot less bushier and a lot more shiner! I was so deliriously happy to find another answer to getting straight hair.

Truthfully, I'm a little scared of irons and hair dryers. I hate the damage they do to the hair. So even if I may NEVER have a completely straight hair, I'm willing to spend money on Sunsilk to give me the much safer way of getting beautifully shiny hair!

To sum up, here are the Pros & Cons of Sunsilk Perfect Straight

  • Attractive packaging
  • Pleasant Smell
  • Lives up to its claims... (almost and I'm satisfied!)
  • Goodbye FRIZZY hair!
  • Affordable prices for such an amazing effect
  • Makes hair softer and easier to manage
  • If you use it regularly, you might just get that straight shiny hair for good!
  • Will not give you the straightening iron effect, so I think they should keep trying to imprive that formula! :) But even this is pretty good.
  • Nothing else that I can think off!
Finally... here's the video that got me so damn interested in the product!! Sunsilk people have nailed the marketing & advertising aspect of the product too! :-)

Thanks to Sunsilk and my recently washed and shiny hair, I'm so happy, I made a little timeline! Hope you like it :D
♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ 

Am I a princess Ma? - asked I.
Yes my dear - was the lie.
I grew up with unmanageably bushy hair
And all I thought was this wasn't fair!

Princesses are blessed with silky hair
At least that's what all the novels did share
But years of curly, frizzy, bushy hair
And I realized I was just supposed to "care"

And so started the numerous home remedies
My hair laughed back at me - like these were comedies
I tried bananas, olive oil, eggs and avocado
With every step, I was becoming a desperado

The hair still stayed frizzy & bushy like ever
But cry or pull it out - I would never
Temporary fixes did work well
But nothing I did make me feel swell.

Like a miracle from God, I got Sunsilk Perfect Straight
And just like that, it opened a new gate
A gate to the world of beautiful, soft, shiny hair
Hooray! I yelled as loud as I could dare.

Sunsilk lives upto its big claims
Of giving you the perfect straight, shiny hair
So if you're looking for miracle shampoo names
Forget the rest and buy Sunsilk - I swear!

It works its charm within thirty minutes
With no other shampoo can you obviously win it!
Whether you have curly, straight or wavy hair
Dandruff, lice and frizz - it will scare.

If you still have doubts about Sunsilk,
I assure you it does not at all bilk
Get it once; for it is really cheap
And only then the amazing benefits will you reap!

Oh well, I'm not big on words... but that poem just reflected my thoughts! :-) I am completely, 100% satisfied and very happy with the new product they've come up with!

{Disclaimer: This post has been written for Sunsilk Perfect Straight contest by Indiblogger. The opinions disclosed are my own}

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