Tuesday, 5 March 2013

I made 24 Rupees today!

What would 24 Indian Rupees buy me you ask?

- Well, it would buy me 2 bars of chocolate and 4 tiny toffees.
- Or it would buy me some unnecessary junk food that I'll love while eating but feel guilty for lack of self control later!
- Or it would let buy me a to & fro ticket to the closest railway station from where I have to ride the local train everyday.

So, as you see - not a lot.

And yet, here I am - excitedly writing a BLOG POST about the 24 Rupees I made today. Why? Coz Mama's learning the stock market baby! Yep! After 4 insignificant years studying Finance and finding my passion in something totally different, I'm finally understanding the joys of investing.

Not that I invested a lot. But the 1st day in & I was smart enough to buy 8 shares at Rs. 368 each and sell them off at 371... Which is good coz 1 hour later, the closing rate dipped down to 365! Beginner's luck I say! ;-)

Anyhoo... It'll be fun to learn the nuances of Stock Market on the odd days that I'm home. And even more fun to share them with the (non-existent) readers! :-D Are you a speculator? Do you make money off the Stock Market? I'd love some tips! :-)

{{{P.S:- This is the first time I'm sharing how much money I made on a public platform. Never mind it isn't enough to even buy peanuts! Maybe as I go on, I'll be able to share what all I do to make some extra bucks and I do hope for my sake (and yours) I'll have lots to learn & share! ;-) }}}

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