Friday, 22 March 2013

Good Ol' Braids! (Thanks to DOVE)

The year was 1994. I was just 4 years old and yet had long, thick beautifully shiny hair.

People complimented my mother for maintaining my hair so well! She fed me well and also spent half an hour every day oiling & combing my long tresses and braiding the hair into 2 cute plaits or french plaits or what not! :)

Oh, who can forget the add-ons?! :D She spent the better part of her day patiently tying the Kanakambaram (firecracker) flower to make long flower malas for me and decorated my hair with the same! Although the memories of the past make me go red, I love how she dressed me up all the time! :) I vividly remember a relative sighing at the thickness and length of my hair. And I also remember my mom coming back home and doing the "nazar utaarna" routine as usual! It was hilarious. But also the first time I realized my hair was my asset.
Believe it or not, I never used shampoo the first 12 years of my life. Those were the good old days when Mum would massage my scalp with a lot of oil every Sunday. I'd let that seep in for a couple of hours whilst doing Mathematics..... And then went in for a traditional bath with Shikakai powder. And oh, we hadn't heard of "Conditioners". We used a blend of Methi seeds instead! Although it took a lot of effort and the powder to get the oil out, it was worth it.The only hair fall I'd ever have was if my mom pulled the comb too hard. And Split ends? Ha! I'd never even heard of the term!
A little later...
I was around 16 when I cut my hair for the first time due to peer pressure. The need to adopt the latest fashion trends and not be a 'behenji' led me to the salon where I would have my first hair cut. Boy, that was painful. I cringed and teared up all the while. When it was done, all I wanted was my old hair length back. I loved my new look but hated the fact that I didn't have the freedom to tie it up or braid it whenever I wanted. That was when I decided. I may have haircuts, but I definitely needed to accelerate my hair growing process. I wanted my long tresses back. And quickly. Around that time, my hair growth had pretty much stopped.

Seeing a Doc & Finding DOVE...
DOVE, until then was just another brand in the market. I wasn't someone who paid too much attention to brands. I used whatever my mom bought. However, the Doctor explained the need to use a product that suited my hair and suggested I try the DOVE Shampoo. And try I did. I could immediately see my hair quality improving. And I also loved the pleasant smell of Dove on my head! :) Seeing how well it was working on my hair, I started eliminating all other brands and switched to Dove completely - soap, shampoo, condition, moisturizer, body lotion, deodrant, face washes etc.
Today, if you walk into my closet, you'll probably think I have a DOVE-products' showroom . :) That is how much I love and trust the brand. Besides bringing my hair under control, its products helped me get rid of skin pigmentation, black circles, dry skin and what not!

Today, although the long tresses are gone, I still relive those mother-daughter moments with Ma everyday. For me, combing my hair is all about my 5 minutes alone time with Ma. The time I spend gossiping with her. The time I tell her all about my day, my plans, bitching about a coworker, my crushes (yes, I tell her that too!). :D
But we don't do the 2 hour oil-shikakai routine anymore. DOVE has taken over my life, and my family's apparently! We're total converts and have been faithful consumers of DOVE for the past 5 years now. Plus, I recently received the new Dove Split End Rescue System from IndiBlogger and I'm loving it!

Not only do I see my hair immediately adhere to the shampoo, but the conditioner itself contributes a lot in keeping my dry, often frizzy hair under control! No longer do I have to use hair gel or drops of oil to control my insanely bushy hair!
 And the best part - although much smaller than the teenage years, I've got back my braids! :) They look amazing from starting to end. Especially on the day I wash my hair with the Dove Shampoo & Conditioner! The split ends which once were my nightmare have totally disappeared. Just using the DOVE products diligently coupled with drinking lots of water has given me the hair of my dreams!

Check out the latest product by DOVE- you're gonna love it, I promise! :-)

This post is a part of Dove Split Ends Rescue System contest at Indiblogger.

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