Monday, 4 March 2013

The start of "Lulu's Topics"

Hola amigos! :)

I have always thought it would be real fun to start a personal blog just to record the fun things that happen in my life (as well as the ridiculous ones, I mean, who am I if I'm not a chatterbox?) And so, here I am with what I do best - writing a BLOG!

If you ask me what I do, I could not give you a one line answer. I am anything but conventional; and I take pride in being eccentric. :-D I crack a lot of lame jokes and people pretend to like it. I am plump but people say I'm chubby & cute. I have a major chocolate & junk food addiction that needs serious help but I keep postponing until "tomorrow". I do care about people but I hate to show it off. I don't hug or kiss or say "I love you" to the people I love, but I believe they know. :-) Oh, and I like love to cook. Big time. I've been learning Music & Dance for the past 18 years. Started when I was 4 :) I think I'm pretty good at both. I like getting academic degrees for fun. :D I believe the career I spent 4 long years studying & working for is my hobby and my hobby I spent 2 years nurturing is my career. Told  you, I'm an oddball.

If you like what I write & read the blog - wow, I'm delighted! :D But honestly, since I don't have the patience to actually maintain a diary, I think a blog is a really good idea! :)

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